The Fraternity/Sorority Community is dedicated to building future leaders for our society by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for its members.  From social issues to academics, career preparation to community service, the leaders of tomorrow are gaining their leadership edge in their fraternal experiences today.  Membership in a fraternal organization is one of the most outstanding means of discovering and refining your leadership potential.  Within each chapter, members have the chance to assume a wide spectrum of leadership roles.  These roles range from recruitment chair to academic chair, and treasurer to president.  Within each chapter, there can range from five to twenty-five different leadership positions, all requiring different degrees of skill and investment.  Opportunities to learn and practice leadership roles stretch beyond just your chapter involvement.  There are also numerous positions for fraternal men and women in campus-wide areas such as one of the Greek councils, the Greek Programming Board, Order of Omega, Greek Week, Student Government, and nearly every registered student organization on campus.




Academic achievement is the first and foremost reason you will attend college and should remain your priority.  Scholastic success is also central to the mission of all fraternities and sororities.  Each organization places strong emphasis on creating an atmosphere conducive to academic performance, as well as challenging each individual to live up to his own academic potential.  Fraternities implement various programs designed to assist members with their academic pursuits including tutoring, advice with course scheduling, test and note files, quiet study hours, and incentives for good grades.  Most organizations also provide some sort of financial scholarships, often supported by their national organizations and local alumni groups, recognizing outstanding academic performance.




Philanthropy projects are events in which members of the Fraternity/Sorority community donate their time and energy to raise money for local or national charitable organizations.  Some of these projects may be All-Greek or All-Campus, while others may be sponsored by a specific chapter or pair of chapters.  It is estimated that more than $50,000 and 4,000 hours were donated by USF Greeks last year alone in their many philanthropic activities.  Giving back to the campus and local communities will always be a priority of USF’s Greeks.  If you are already accustomed to doing community service and want to continue it during college, fraternal involvement offers many opportunities to organize and implement philanthropic and community service activities for the chapter, the Fraternity/Sorority Community, or the entire school.




Fraternities and sororities participate in a campus intramural system that includes nearly every sport imaginable.  Athletes of all skill levels will find a place where they can both have fun and enjoy competitive athletics and physical challenge.  In each team category, chapters compete for point totals that are tallied year-round, and organizational winners are recognized annually with the All-Sports Trophy.  Other sports such as golf and tennis also recognize individuals for their athletic abilities.  Whatever your skill level at whichever sport you want to play, you will always find an opportunity to participate in it through USF’s Greek Intramural League.




In addition to the number of scholastic support programs, leadership development opportunities, community service initiatives, and competitive athletic experiences available to you, Fraternity/Sorority membership also provides balanced social programming for affiliated students.  The first and foremost goal of every fraternity and sorority is to bring together a group of men and women of similar values and beliefs and share with them the history of their organization, its traditions, and symbols…all while building life-long friendships.  For many years unfortunately, Greeks across the country have had to deal with the “Animal House” image of reckless and irresponsible behavior.  At the University however, each chapter supports the responsible social policies of their governing council, the University, and their own national organization.  Today, a fraternity chapter like the “Animal House” stereotype would be the exception rather than the norm.