We are here to help you in the process of determining if Fraternity & Sorority Life is for you.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to call (813) 97-GREEK!

What kind of financial obligations are there?
Firstly, there is no exact amount to put on the experience of Fraternity & Sorority Life. However, there are monetary costs to membership. Dues vary according to chapters. Most chapters charge a pledge fee to cover the cost of your pledge period. Upon your activation into the chapter, you are charged an initiation fee. Finally, as an active member, you are charged chapter dues. These finances are billed to your either per semester or annually. Please feel free to inquire about each chapter’s financial obligations during recruitment.


What does Fraternity & Sorority Life provide that no other college organization can offer?

College is one of the biggest transitions in a student’s life. Joining a fraternity or sorority will help ease the transition by finding others with similar challenges. Fraternity & Sorority life provides a convenient opportunity to create life-long friendships with members all ages, including alumni. Fraternities and sororities promote brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, philanthropy, and financial responsibility.


Can only freshman join a fraternity?

No. The Greek system in non-discriminatory and will accept members of all ages. As long as the member is an enrolled student at the university, they are eligible to join. Often times transfer students will join after their freshman year. There are a few organizations which do not allow freshman to join.  Please check with specific organization on any classification requirements.


How much time will a fraternity/sorority take up? What if I have a lot of classroom hours?

One of the most difficult challenges freshman face is time management. College is much different from the prescribed schedule students were used to in high school, leaving lots of free time to waste, especially if they are not involved in any extra-curricular activities. Having a structured schedule is conducive to productivity. There is no given amount of time commitment, most fraternities and sororities will not require beyond what is required of every member for service/philanthropy events. Social events, too, are never required events.


What about hazing?

Hazing is strictly prohibited and dealt with in the severest of consequences. There is a definition in the University’s Code of Policies, Florida State Law, and Regulations Applying to all students and is written in the Bylaws or Constitutions of our University of South Florida Chapters and Councils.


I heard that all fraternities and sororities do is party and drink, is this true?

The Animal House stigma is one that fraternities strive to relinquish every day. News articles and press releases so frequently will expose one slip of a fraternities drinking irresponsibly. However, all members of the Greek system participate in service activities to raise thousands of dollars to benefit cancer foundations, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Miracle Network, and several other charities. Social activities occur across campus, not just in Fraternity & Sorority Life. The Interfraternity Council has Risk Management legislature and other policies to regulate social events and to promote a healthy and controlled social atmosphere.